Tropical Grassland / Savannah

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Tropical Grassland / Savannah

Tropical Grassland / Savannah

Characteristics of Grassland / Savannah✿ Low Humidity✿ Temperature remains high throughout the year✿ Trees tend to contain "Y" shaped branches✿ Contain large amounts of grass

How do plants survive there?Some of the plants lose their leaves in dry season to conserve moisture like the Acacia Tree. Unlike the Acacia Tree, the Baobab Tree stores water in the trunk and it has long roots to reach underground for water. As for the grasses, they are drought resistent and thus, they would die if there is not enough water.


Introduction to SavannahGrasslands are known as steppes in Asia and Europe, pampas in South America, savannahs in Africa and prairies in North America. A grassland is characterised by the grassy woodland, with woody plants. It serves as a habitat for many animals such as elephants and zebras. Wildfire may occur which would kill and influence the habitat of the living-organisms there.

Visit for more information about Grasslands.

Wildfire in a savannah

Baobab Tree

Acacia Tree

Blue Wildebeest found in the savannah

By: Audrey (17) and Jia Yun (33) 1E3



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