tropical Dry Forest

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tropical Dry Forest

Ceiba TreeAdaptation:- Grows to 200ft tall.-stored water in it trunks -leaves fall during the dry season. - flowers come out once in a while.Dependent animals:Many plants and animals grow and live in the ceiba tree.-Birds nest in it nad mammals use the branches as a highway.Endangered?-It is not currently in endangered.Threats?-The timber is wanted to the ceiba tree because of its beautiful colors and striaghts gains and people want to overuse it,

Jacaranda TreeAdaptation-Grows 6ft to 98ft tall.- The jacaranda tree loses their leaves during the dry season.Dependent animals - none listedEndangered- not endangered, need to be manage b/c of invasive species. Threat- It invasive species crows out natural species.

Description:-wide spread in India, Southern North America, Central America, South America and southeast Asia. -Characteristics; that defines tropical dry forest plants: the way they use water and nutrients and their method of protection from the grazing herbivores.

TropicalDry Forestby: aiyanna jones



Blue-tailed hummingbirdAdaptation: -Hummungbirds have the fewest wing of all birds; this construction help to save energy.- Their long bills gets in the tropical forest flowers.Appearence and size- size 9cm- wing lenght: 52.9mm- They have straight with a blue tail and green upper body.Habitat- occurs in secondary forest, at forest edge in plantations.Life span- 5 years on averageThreat?-not considered threaten under mexican law.


mossesSize: 40 inchesAppearance:- velvety masses-moist places - mosses are related to liverwort and hornworts.Habitat:- grow on the north side of the tree because it is shady in summer.

Elevation: zero to 2,000 meterssize: Extend along a large stretch of the pacific coast of central america.


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