Tropical Coral Reef in Broude

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Tropical Coral Reef in Broude


Shark hunting prey also it scavenges for animals remians.

Tropical Coral Reef in Broude

Tool used to hunt lionfish aka elf

The H.I.P.P.O DilemiaLionfish are a introduced speacies and the most threatening species to invade a coral reef. Lionfish will eat anything and is destroying this ecosystem or habit. Lionfish also are are over-populating coral reefs. they are spawing eggs every 4 to 5 days. Global warming, pollution and over fishing are other ways this biome is being destroyed.

FactsThe location of tropical coral reefs are 30 degrees north and south from the ecoator.

Diver hunting lion fish.

Solution Divers are hunting for intruduced speacies to redruce the lionfish population from increasing, sciencetist are checking inside lionfish for change in lionfish diet.

Barrucudas are one of the predators of the coral reef.

yellow spoted eel

this yellow spoted eel using it's adaptive inheret trait to hunt

Algea are are the pruducers of the coral reef,