Trista's glog

by Cassiahope
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Social Studies

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Trista's glog

Today I just heard the most exciting news of my life! Pa burst throughthe door and said, "Pack up your things. We're going to Santa Fe!" The onlyproblem was, we only got to take a couple things.While Pa and brother packed up the wagon, I decided what to pack. My rag-doll, two dresses, and three pairs of socks. By the time I was done Ma said it was time to leave. Pa thinks it'll only take about 3 months to reach our destination. Let's hope it doesn't take longerMarch 4th, 1821It's only the second day and it's raining! Pa is all mad because our cattle have to travel through mud, and he thinks we're going to get stuck. Pa and brother have already had to get out once to push. I'd have to say we were sitting there for about an hour! So that threw us off track. We're getting ready to stop and hunt for super. Which is going to be hard, because there's nothing in plain sight!April, 19th 1821-ColoradoWe're in Colorado and it's at least 95 degrees! My dress is making me tired, I'm sweaty, and tiredof walking. Next thing you know i hear a rattle. Ma has a major fever for not getting enough water. I look down and see a gross slimy rattlesnake! I run to tell pa, but all he told me was to watch my steps. No shocker that my dad would say that. April, 25th-New mexicoWe're finally in New Mexico! And only 3 days away from our destiny. But the tripis getting a little difficult. We're really tight on food supply. But pa said since we'realmost there it's not to big of a deal. April, 27th-New mexicoToday we ran into Native Americans. Ma and Pa made a deal to trade with them. We traded suppliesfor some food! I saw a coyote roaming around. I was so glad it didn't come near our wagon. One daytill we get to Santa Fe. So I need to get rest. April 28th, New Mexico, Santa feWe finally here! I'm so glad. All the walking, diseases, and starvation was worth it. I hope to start a new life here in Santa fe!

March 3rd, 1821


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