[2015] Tristan U. (6th Earth Science 2015): Tristan_Loss_of_Biodiversity

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[2015] Tristan U. (6th Earth Science 2015): Tristan_Loss_of_Biodiversity

Loss of Biodiversity

By: Tristan Upton

What does Loss of Biodiversity Affect?•Habitat Loss •Climate Change•Excessive nutried load and other forms of pollution•Over exploitation and unsustainable use•Invasive "alien" species•Deforestation•Global Warming •Rising Sea Levels•Animals/Plants

•75% of genetic diversity of agricultural crops has been lost•75% of the world's fisheries are fully or over exploited•Up to 70% of the world's known species risk extinction if global temperatures rise 38.3°F more.•1/3 of reef-building corals around the world are threatened with extinction.•Over 350 million suffer from severe water scarcity.

It is our fault•We have destroyed hundreds of ecosystems destructively.•We pollute the air through the burning of fossil fuels such as cars, factories, and even air conditioners.•We have exploited our natural resources and overused things such as oil, gasoline, and water.•Through both its neglegance and direct killing, we have killed thousands of species.

Did you know?•1 out of 8 birds•1 out of 4 mammals•1 out of 4 conifers•1 out of 3 amphibiansand•6 out of 7 marine turtlesface threat of extinction


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