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tristan D

the Manitoba act Canada wonted Manaioba to be a part of canada. the peaple of Manitoba said no. Canada said they would get a coupon for land so they would each have land. so the Metis listened to them and Canada hade five provinces Manitoba,Ontario,NB,NS, and Quebec. most of the Metis did not recieve there coupon.

The Metis were sending letters to John A. MacDonald, but he was not listening to there complant+s. so the Metis went to the us to find Louis Riel to come back with them to march to the priminister to take over. Prime minister John A. Mcdonold had too many men and the Riel only hade a hand full of men so Louis Riel lost the battle.

similarys and diffrencesin the first up rising the metis one but in the second one they did not win.louis riel was in both of the both of the uprisings the metis were scared of aslimalation.

in 1885 the metis were sending letters to the prime minister and he was not responding to them so the metis went to the us to find louis riel. so they did and brang him back so they could have a leader to take them to the prime minister to kill them and take over the place but they lost and louis riel was captrerd and they hanged him.

the fate of louis reiljohn A mcdonald was the prime minister and had louis riel prisiner the people wonted him haghed for killing tomas scott but if the priminister did the wrong thing he would loose vots but there was more anglophones and they wonted louis riel hanged but there was was les metis and they wonted him alive so john A mcdonald hade to pick the most people so he picked the anglophones and hanged louis riel.

the government control of the westafter the uprising of 1885 was over the goverment started to reaad some of the notes that the metis sent to them and responded to them. Aboriginal people in the west were ponished for the role in the resistance along with the metis. 44 first nations were found gilty of crimes.



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