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The History of Buffalo

Our First Sixth Grade Glog by Miss. Esposito's class

The History of Parkside CandyThe original outlet and first "shoppe" of Parkside Candy Company was at Main and W. Oakwood Streets. Here candies, which were made during the evening hours - along with ice cream, sodas and sandwiches - were served to the delight of friends and patrons alike. After World War I, through the twenties and the great depression corner soda and ice cream parlours sprang up around the country and became great social gathering places and oft-times musical entertainment was supplied by a Wurlitzer made in North Tonawanda.

The History of Shea's TheaterShea's Buffalo Theater in the heart of Buffalo's theater district was the crowning achievement of showman and theater entrepreneur Michael Shea when it opened in 1926. Designed by Chicago theater architects C.W. and George Rapp, the Buffalo Theater became the "showplace of the North." Shea's Buffalo Theater was one of the first theaters in the country to be air conditioned,.

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