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Language Arts

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SettingUrwald: deep, dark forest cold at night cold in day. The Path, Man eating flesh ripping monsters. Strange clearings with rude barbarians. Simon's house: Warm Kitchen, smells like cinnimon. Hidden trapdoors/passages. Magic all around , Cats everywhere.

Sage BlackwoodLives in New York at the edge of a forest

Sage BlackwoodEnjoys walking in the woods and reading many bestsellers

Jinx had never been more ready to run in his life. He heard a clatter of hoofbeats, and in far less time than seemed possible after the sound, armored men on horses poured into the square.

He hated it here. The sky was to big and the trees too far away. Jinx looked across the chasm to the forest on the cliff top oppisite.

Favorite Scene

SummaryJinx is an abandoned orfan whowas left with a wizard that took him in to learn magic and help him clean the house. Jinx is suddenly pulled into adventure as Simon Magus the wizard crafts a spell that sucks away Jinx's magic but it also suck's away his life and Jinx life with it. And Jinx must travle to the most powerful wizard in the Urwald to get it back!

JinxPaitent, kind, smart, fast learner, apprentice, magic, hero, witty, quick thinker, good listener, brown hair, deep eyes.

SimonPaitent, moody, clam, kind, very encoraging, silver streaked hair, daring blue eyes, very powerful.

Character Discription


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