Triple X Syndrome

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Triple X Syndrome

Triple X Syndrome By Jordan Goch and Maxwell MontePeriod 3

Description of DisorderThis occurs when a parent gives their offspring 2 X chromosomes instead of 1. When this occurs the female has 3 X chromosomes.

Visual & Explanation/Caption1 in 1,000 females have the genetic disorder called triple x syndrome. Triple x syndrome can also be called trisomy X.

Chromosomal or Genetic?Triple X syndrome is a genetic disorder.

Frequency & Population at RiskThere is a 1 in 1000 chance of the female sex getting this disorder which is a very small chance luckily.

Symptoms of DisorderThere are many symptoms to trisomy X and here are just the most important ones like learning disabilities, weak muscle tone, behavior and emotional problems, seizures, early or late puberty, and heart abnormalities.

Tests to Identify the DisorderThere is only one way to identify the genetic disorder and that is to take a blood test.

Treatment of DisorderThe chromosomes that caused the error can not be fixed. There is no cure yet known to man. The only cures are the more natural ones. Like if your daughter has learning disabilities she can have special tutoring.

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