[2014] sarha léna: Trip in Australia

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[2014] sarha léna: Trip in Australia

After the Pavlova, we decided to visite the Sydney opera house. It's an very beautiful place. But we miss time, so we decided to go to the Harbour Bridge.

Trip in Australia...

With my friend, we're going in Australia during two weeks. Now we relate our trip...

first dayAugust, 6th

In Tasmanie we met an Aborigine who learned many thing about this country.First, this island been discovered by Abel Tasman, in 1642. Second, 13000 years ago, the Aborigine of Tasmanie, began an big period, where they according none attention at the culture of other country.The Aborigines of Tasmanie was nine differents groups.After a demonstration of Didgeridoo, we go to Sydney....

Little passage in a Restaurant, in Sidney, for desgusting the Pavlova, a typique australian dessert. It was fantastic!

The Lizard Island, is a beautiful place. It's an heaven Island....It was an perfect trip, we discovered the new culture, the beautiful person.... It was an perfect memory.

The Harbour Bridge, it's an Bridge with 6 way for a cards. It's the most famous Bridge of the Australia. He across, the bay of Sydney.Now, we go to the Queensland, in Lizrd Island....

After the plane, we going in the town, Melbourne. With the victorien's architecuture, it's an real good town for discovered the Australian's culture.... We met a old person who said: you could going in Tasmanie for see the last Aborigens of this country. It's very intressting.So we going in Tasmanie.

third dayAugust, 9th



The Australian's kitchen


seventh day,August, 13th

Lizard Island

eleventh dayAugust, 17th


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