[2015] Brock Roggie: Trinity: A Graphic History of the Atomic Bomb

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[2015] Brock Roggie: Trinity: A Graphic History of the Atomic Bomb

This novel is a useful tool for the insturction of the Atomic Bomb. Since this graphic novel examines many aspects of the Atomic Bomb including the science, and impact on World War ll and world relations. That said, this novel would work well in a WWll unit of an American or world hisotry class for approprieate ages.

-One great aspect of this novel, is its validity and relvance to a historical topic that is not well documented. This allows for imaginatin and perspective interpretation as this novel is based on many of the actual interactions between J. Robery Oppenheimer and his collegues. -I particularly like the historical significance and perspective of this novel, which makes it a useful and educational read for students of many age groups. -This book is a graphic novel.-I highly recommend this novel as it is enlightening to the impact, creation and emphasizes the senstive ideologies that were focused about this project which is highly intriguing.

Jonathan Fetter-Vorm is a graphic novelist and illustrator who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Fetter-Vorm's Trinity: A Graphic History of the Atomic Bomb, was selected by the American Library Association as a Best Graphic Novel for teens in 2013.

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Trinity: A Graphic History of the Atomic Bomb by Jonathan Fetter-Vorm is graphic novel about the creation and impact of the Atomic Bomb. The story unfolds through the perspectives of a soldier named Private Danials and J. Robert Oppenheimer, an icon in the development of the Atomic. Throughout this novel, the reader is exposed to scientific method relevent to the creation of the atomic bomb, as well as the moral implications and political motivations behind the Atomic Bomb. Addionally, this novel highlights the impact of the Atomic Bomb, not only on WWII but for the world moving forward into the Atomic Age and how it has influenced foreign relations. However, the sub plot indicates the struggle of convictions dealing with humanity and the use of the weapon, and how it would change the course of history.


Trinity: A Graphic Hisoty of the First Atomic Bomb

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