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Parts Of A Plane




tail / elevator

13.nose wheel

feet / landing gear


head / cockpit

11.landing gear

6.fin/vertical stabalizer


10.jet engines






A plane is almost like a bird in some ways. A bird and a plane need the same types of things to help get them off the ground and into the air. they both need to be light weight and airodynamic! some of the parts we have in common are labled!

the parts of a plane are verry inportant! if there where even one part missing from the plane I have labled, the pasengers on board theplane would be in danger or may not have the flight expirience theyhoped for. The parts of a plane also must be a certain shape in order for the wind to flow smoothley over the plane. if the parts of a plane are shaped wrong or incorrectley placed, the plane may not run as smoothley as planned or may not run at you can see from the plane I have labeled, there are verry manyparts on a plane that are verry helpfull to have when going on a plane ride.


4. turns plane

6.stabilizes plane in wind or landing

3. body of plane(includes tail)

2. where passenger sees out of.

12. one of the wheels the plane lands on

5.stabilizes plane

11.where passengers get on + off.

10.the wheels that the plane lands on.

9.creates thrust to move plane forward

7.keeeps plane level

8.divides the fast air from the slow.

1. where the pilot flys the plane

13. cuts through the air

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci drew pictures of a flying machine in the 1500s?

For the plane builder game, go to the site listed below:


5.horizantal stabalizer

yahoo answers and Mrs.Hunter


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