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Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder in which an individual has the urge to compulsively pull out their own hair, and often results in a noticeable amount of hair loss.Individuals who suffer from TTM experience a low quality of life due to the constant urge to pull. People who suffer from TTM also have low self esteem due to the bald patches that form on the target area for pulling.

-Recurrent pulling of ones own hair, which results in noticeable hair loss.-An increased sense of tension right before pulling out ones own hair, or when attempting to avoid the behavior.-A sense of gratification from pulling out the hair.-If the hair pulling is assosicated more with another disorder it is not diagnosed as trichotillomania.-The disturbance of hair pulling must cause significant impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

Pharmacological Approach: Used to habit reversal training, or in other words used to help dimish the urge to pull by removing trigger objects such as a mirror and tweezers. Acceptance Therapy: Where you are accepting and aware of the urges to pull instead of trying to resist them. Identifying the behaviors that prevent you from achieving your goals of treatment, and being able to use cognitive defusion to alter the undesirable functions of thoughts.Decoupling: Where the behavior of hair pulling is shifted to another movement such as massaging the scalp rather than pulling hair from the scalp. Decoupling provides deviation from the problem behavior.

What is it?

-Scalp-Eyebrows-Eyelashes-Arms-Legs-Pubic Area

Target Areas

DSM-IV Criteria

Treatment Methods



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