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Obtuse triangles have one angle that is obtuse. This means it is bigger than 90 degrees while the other two are smaller than 90 degrees.

A right triangle possesses an angle that is exactly 90 degrees (or a right angle). This is demarked with a square in that corner.

Triangles are polygons with 3 sides and 3 angles. When defined by their side lengths there are three types:ScaleneIsoscelesEquilateral


Acute triangles have three angles that are all acute. Meaning none are 90 degrees or bigger.

Equilateral:This type of triangle has three sides that are all equivalent. This also means the three angles are equivalent at 60 degrees each.

Isosceles:Where two of the sides are equal. These triangles also have two equivalent angles

Scalene:When all three sides of a triangle are different lengths, also resulting in three different angles.

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Triangles can also be defined by their angles. 2 of the angles will always be acute (or smaller than 90 degrees) but as the 3rd angle changes we get:Acute, Obtuse, and Right triangles

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Interactive Definition of Triangle


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