Trial of Tears

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Social Studies
American History

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Trial of Tears

Three Concepts

Trail of Tears

Has discrimination changed, or do we still face issues similar to what the Native Americans faced?Discrimination still exist among all cultures in society today. But not extreme as the Indian Removal. There is one fact similar to the Indian Removal and that's the "Bennett Freeze". Where two tribes are claiming a portion of land in Arizona and want the other tribe out of the land.

Questions to Think About

If the Native Americans were civilized, than why were they labeled as uncivilized. Was it because the Native Americans partnered with the British? I've never read in the textbooks that the Native Anmericans were civilized people. It was always uncivilized or savages.

That the state of Georgia held a ton on land, which was seized for the Native Americans. Wondering if the Native Americanz received most of the land back from the state of Georgia.

What would it have been like to walk the "Trail of Tears'?It would have been heart breaking. To leave behind what you always have known as home, culture way of life, sacred prayers on your land, and the songs lefted by the ancestors. All for GREED of a white mans vision.

I didn't know other tribes were also affected by The Trail of Tears. I always had it down, as only the Cherokee Indians were affected. But was nice to see the map and know other tribes were affected. This was the first of Indian Removal that begin. Not to mention the Navajo Long Walk.


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