trey's solar energy

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trey's solar energy

BENIFIT But there always has to be a bad thing that comes with the good stuff! The solar panels can't work on cloudy days or at night. Another fact is that they are very expensive ,and the factories that make them produce a lot of pollution.

BENIFIT Solar panels create electricity so you can use your everyday items.Your also saving the world by buying these panels because they are renuable. Also, the more panels the more energy!

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BENIFIT California has the most solar panels in a power plant.The amount of sunlight changes on Earth depending on the time of year,day, and weather conditions.

Trey's Solar Energy

In the future about 50 years from now i think that people will still be using this energy because it is farely new to us.

I chose this energy because i don't know much about it and i want to learn more about it.

Trey Taylor 5-B

My energy is a nonrenuable Earth saving energy that gets its energy from the sun.


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