Trevor hydropower

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Trevor hydropower

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Hydropowerby:Trevor Martinez

Hydropower is energy we get from water. Hydropower is a renewable energy. It produces most electricity in the U.S. It is one of the oldest sources of energy.

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Hydroelectric power plants do not need fuel to make electricity. They also leave no waste and pollution behind. Though they have to be built where there is moving water.

The first hydroelectric power plant opened on the Fox River on September 30,1882. Though hydropower is renewable it can be bad. Dams can be harmful because they keep fish from swimming up and down the river. The lakes flood habitats of wildlife.

I chose this energy because it is one of the oldest energy sources and is renewable. I think it will be used int he future because it is renewable, but not a lot because of how it hurts the enviroment.

Hydropower is important because it is agood source of energy an it is renewable.


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