Trench Warfare

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Social Studies
World War I

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Trench Warfare

Some of the soldiers away from the front lines in the trenches. This was the only time they had to rest, before getting back into the fighting.

A bird's-eye view of the different lines of trenches.They are set up so it's east to transport materials and men without getting out and possibly being shot and killed.

Trench Warfare

Modern-day map, with the British trenches (in red) and German trenches (in blue). This is in La Boisselle, near Paris by the Somme battlefields.

A letter one of the soldiers wrote while in the trenches, addressed to his mother.

Artillery that would have been used in WW1. It was the highest threat to enemy soldiers, due to far-range rounds.

A painting of someone's interpretating of trench warfare. There is no-man's land, full of men shot through with bullets.

The requirements for building funk holes, as made by the British troops. Anything less was considered bad for soldier morale.

"Trench Art". This is what several soldiers did with scrap metal and shells. (This is a German ring).


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