Trench warfare

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Social Studies
World War I

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Trench warfare

Trench Warfare

Soldiers had "Funk Holes" to sleep in or to store things in them.

A diagram of the inside of trenches. Not all trenches were designed like this, however, this was the ideal design for a trench.

No man's land was the area between the two attacking trenches.

Trench foot was a big problem in WWI. If the soldier's feet were not dry, blisters would develop, tissues would die and the soldier would lose feeling in their foot.

The trenches would not always have lots of space. Soldiers would usually be fighting in tight quarters.

Dogs were used in the trenches to deliver messages, supplies, or food to the soldiers.

If the soldier's trench foot got bad enough, large rats would start to eat their feet. The soldiers wouldn't know due to the numbness from trench foot.

Soldiers would often send letters back home for their loved ones.

In WW1, the trenches helped bring back peace between countries. However, thousands of soldiers became injured, or lost their lives while fight ing for their nations.


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