Trench Warfare

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Social Studies
World War I

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Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare






Other shells spread poisionous gases . If soliders were not wearing gas masks,the gases or fums could destroy the soliders lungs causing slowness,and painful deaths . Posionous gases were banned but came into use by both sides of the end of war .

Trench WarfareThe Trench Warfare was made In World War 1 . The French defeated the Germans In the First Battle Of The Marne,the Germans didn't retreat far . In World War 1 That Involved Troops digging and fightign from deep trenches was a new kind of warfare.

No- man's land No man's land was lacated In Zonnbeke Village Area. In between the area there were ten yards of bared wire . Horses would sometimes get caught in the wire . It was 250 yards wide and filled with abandoned military equipment.

Time Line

The Germans The Trenches were 400 miles-long that was dug by the Germans. For Months at a Time soliders fought in cold,wet and muddy ditches. The Trenches were disgusting and was perfect for breeding grounds and soliders on both sides unfortonantely died from diseases.

Battle Of Gallipoli

When Trenches were made

War Ended November 11th,1918

The name of the period

THE DISEASESTrench mouth was a disease were it contained the mouth and the throat . the name was given during WW1. when thousands of solider had got the disease it was caused by poor oral hygiene and poor nutrition . The disease trech foot is also a disease is caused by prolonged exposure to wet cold .

Battle Of Verdun Was Fought


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