trench warfare

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Social Studies
World War I

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trench warfare

Trench Warfare

Trenches were often small and cramped. Men would alf to shift watch as others sleep.

There was almost always water in trenches. The more narrow the trench, the higher the water.

Trench foot was a dangerous side effect of being constantly in water. Blisters and gangrene would appear. Feet would often be amputated.

The ross rifle was issued to canadian soldiers. Due to its very open bolt action chamber, mud and other debris would cause it to easily jam

Soldiers would have to be very cautions of artillery fire when pushing the front lines. Many soldiers died or suffered from major injuries, such as shell shock from these assaults.

Many people saw the terrible struggles of trench warfare, resulting in lower recruiment rates. The government would guilt people into reruiting from there on.

Trench warfare often resulted in terrible facial injuries due to the fact that soldiers sometimes ducked there head up to see the action, giving the enemy an easy shot to the head.

A WW1 comic making fun of the conditions in the trenches.

Rats were in the trenches. They would often carry desease with them. If the soldiers were extremely hungry, they would resort to eating them.


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