Trench Warfare

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Social Studies
World War I

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Trench Warfare

This is a Video Recording of the trenches and what they looked like.

Hand grenades in WWI were the most important weapon that

Roofs on trenches were used to stay dry and for shelter

This is a Map of the trenches and what they typically looked like.

This a Polical Cartoon stating that when it rained the trenches would fill up with rain water and sometimes drown the soldiers.

Trench Warfare

This is a map of the trenches on the western front

These are the trench rats that lead to many diseases and deaths of the soliders.

Bruce Bairnsfather experienced trench life in the early stages of World War One. “It was a long and weary night, that first one of mine in the trenches. Everything was strange, and wet and horrid. First of all I had to do and fix up my machine guns at various points, and find places for the gunners to sleep in. This was no easy matter, as many of the dugouts had fallen in and floated off downstream. In this, and subsequent descriptions of the trenches, I may lay myself open to the charge of exaggeration. But it must be remembered that I am describing trench life in the early days of 1914, and I feel sure that those who had experience of them will acquit me of any such charge.

This is a sound recording of what the trenches sounded like during battle.


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