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Social Studies
World War II

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Trench Warfare Glog

Trench Warfare

Fact 1: A form of occupied fighting lines consisting of large, deep trenches

Fact 2: Troops were protected and saved from bombsand artillery

Fact 3: Trech Warfare occured when a military revolution in firepower was not matched by similar advances in mobility

New Technology In WWI

Fact 1: (examples)Machine GunSubmarinesGas

(More Examples)Tanks Flame Throwers Concrete Lathes Railroad Guns

Fact 2: The machine gun was one of the most descisive technologys during WWI.

Fact 3: The machine gun was first used during WWI.


Fact 1:Military submarine opperated by Germans.

Fact 2: Were most efficiantly used in commerce raiding.



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