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World War I

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Trench Tactics

Trench warfare was a very difficult way of fighting because both forces had a very similar strategy for attacking. The trenches were dug for miles with a main front trench that was used for defense. In order to attack the other trench a plan needed to come into affect. Tactics were very limited due to the equality of both sides, so the only way to attack was to send a good majority of the troops in a charge across no mans land to the other trench. The problem with this is there is no cover for the attacking force. The defending trench is just waiting for the chance to mow down the attackers. This tactic was very unsuccessful and often resulted in a large number of casualties.

Historical Background

Trench WarfareWWIJuly 28, 1914-November 11, 1918-"The struggle to get out alive had been so great that many of the walking wounded died from exhaustion."

Trench warfare included both sides being dug in to about 6 feet and having to come up with certain tactics to defeat the opposing force in the opposite trench. The trench warfare of WWI lasted throughout the war, leaving soldiers in very poor conditions as they had to live "underground".

Historical Question

Were any of the trench warfare tactics successful? What were some of the tactics?


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Trench Tactics

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No Mans Land

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