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Kaline KlattermastersTreehouseWriten By : Haren Kimmel

ConflictKaline Klattermaster's father had gone somewhere and his mother could not seem to keep things straight like his father did. But his imaginary tree house and his strange neighbor helped him cope with his fathers absence, his mothers forgetfulness, and the bullies at his school.

ClimaxThe climax is that a child named Kaline is dealing with starting a new school year, his father leaving, and various learning disabilities.

SettingKaline lives in a treehouse with his two older brothers and 100 puppies.

ResolutionThis story has a very sweet resolution.

Point of ViewKaline thought that there was nothing wrong, he just when on in his imaginary tree house with his 100 pupies and his two older brothers.

ThemeThe moral of the story teaches children that just because someone bullies them, it tells the reader not to be violence to the bullies but to have confience and trust in adults that will protect you.


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