Tree of Human Evolution

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Evolutionary Biology

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Tree of Human Evolution

Tree of Human Evolution

Lighting strikes water, full if chemicals and organic compounds, creating the first cell.

The cell copies itself and makes millions of species including us, a water worm.

Natural selection occurs, turning us into a armored fish with eyes and jaws.

We stick our heads out of the water, and natural selection gives us lungs to breathe. We are esthegea.

Natural selection gives us thicker skin to protect from the sun and we get class for the rough terrain. We are now a casanaria.

Competition for food gets harder. Mutations give us better jaw muscles and we grow in size. We are now varanops.

The earth creates eruptions that kills most of the species. After, we become a cat sized creature covered in fur called actininion.

As we run from. A dinosaur, natural selection occurs making us smaller. We avoid it by hiding in small places. We are now badadon, a shrew like creature.

Fruits packed with nutrients are high up in trees. Natural selection kicks in, and allows us to climb to the fruit.

Food become scarce. We are scavengers right now. We use a rock to smash a scorpion. The edge is razor sharp. Thus us the first tool. We are now homo habilis.

Homo erectus evolves. We now become hunters. We have create fire and cook meat over it, which makes it easier to chew. Our brain evolves to the size of a softball.

Natural selection pulls down are tongue, allowing us to make different sounds and words. Speech is the last piece of the puzzle that makes us humans. We are the smartest species alive. We are homo sapiens.


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