Tree Kangaroo

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Tree Kangaroo

DesriptionTree Kangaroos are consumers. These animals are extremely rare and disapearing very quickly. There are 13 different species of Tree Kangaroos. These Tree Kangaroos only have one joey at a time. Shorter legs and stronger forlimbs allow them to climb and show it looks like a lemur and a kangaroo. They are also the largest tree dwelling mammals in Austrailia. They eat mostly leaves but ocasionally fruits.




Common Name: Tree KangarooScientific Name:Dendrolagus

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People of the forests come to the rainforests and hunt for the tree kangaroos because they are very rare. The hunters even use hunting dogs to track down the kangaroos. This hunting has lead the animals close to extinction.


The enviroment the Tree Kangaroo lives in mostly is far North Austrailia. They also live in lowlands and rainforests in Papua, New Guinea. These animals live in trees and on the ground. The people of New Guinea find these animals a good food source.

WWF is trying to cut down on illegal hunting of these animals. They are also trying to stop illegal logging from cutting down the trees that the Tree Kangaroos live in. WWF is also raising awareness to the people that are making these animals endangered.


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