Tree Frog

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Tree Frog

Why is it endangered?Possible reasons:> introduced trout species feed on the tadpoles of the spotted tree frog and decrease their populations.> dirty water caused by habitat disturbance.> disease> bushfires destroying habitats

YOU CAN HELPZooperman and the Extinction Fighting team aim to help Zoos Victoria save wildlife and show people how they can take action to fight extinction.

What does it look like?Spotted Tree Frogs are: > about six centimetres long,> brown, grey or olive-green in colour> sometimes have darker brown spots on their upper surface.

What is its habitat?The Spotted Tree Frog is found in fast-flowing upland streams in mountainous areas. The areas are:> usually very steep,> always rocky and> can range from moist forest at high altitudes to very little cover at the lower altitudes.

Spotted Tree FrogCritically Endangered

Did you know?Found in North-west side of the Great Dividing Range, Victoria and New South Wales

Did you know?The Spotted Tree Frog lives for over 10 years. That's old for a frog!

Did you know?Other common names for this frog are Spotted Frog and Spencer’s River Tree Frog

Spotted Tree Frog - Wise Schemer for the Extinction Fighters

Tadpole of spotted tree frog


Dr Gillespe with a spotted tree frog. They are tiny! Click to findout more about his work.

What is being done?> captive breeding, > extensive monitoring, > stopping introduced fish species such as trout from tree frog habitat,> protecting the habitat by weeding> education program to help their habitat is not disturbed.


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