Trechourous Adventures in Jama

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Trechourous Adventures in Jama

8-12-14 La Perla9_12_14 - Caimito10-12-14 - Mangrooves11-12-14- Lalo-Loor

Here you will see two different regions of Ecuador, I choose to contrast the Coast and the Amazon. What makes these two different is that the coast is a place that has magrooves and salt water, and an ocean, on the other hand the Amazon is a place just full of jungle and the people are also very different with different customs. Also the Amazon has river that a sweat water not salt water.



Lalo-Loor is the last dry forest in that zone. A few of the animals that live there are the howler monkey's, woodpeckers, sloths and alot more, a few tree's are the higueron , the Obo de monte, there is also alot of plants that cure people.

This is just a little video that shows you what the Coast looks like, with some animals this video was not created by me.

MovementOn the image you see on your left there is a map representing Ecuador, and on the image on the left you will see what we export from Ecuador

Treacherous adventures in Jama

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This is the adsloute location of La Perla

This is the relative location of La Perla

Trechourous Adventures in Jama

This is an example of humans doing good for the envorment.

This is an example of humansdestroying the enviorment.

Human-Envorment Interaction

The Coastal Region

The Amazon Region


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