Treaty of Versailles

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World War I

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Treaty of Versailles

The treaty was signed on June 28th 1919 after months of argument and negotiation amongst the so-called "Big Three" (were David Lloyd George of Britain, Clemenceau of France and Woodrow Wilson of America) as to what the treaty should contain.1) no more secret treaties 2) countries must seek to reduce their weapons and their armed forces 3) national self-determination should allow people of the same nationality to govern themselves and one nationality should not have the power to govern another 4) all countries should belong to the League of Nations.

Land Taken from Germany

Britain : 750,000 soldiers killed; 1,500,000 woundedFrance : 1,400,000 soldiers killed; 2,500,000 woundedBelgium : 50,000 soldiers killedItaly : 600,000 soldiers killedRussia : 1,700,000 soldiers killedAmerica : 116,000 soldiers killed

The following land was taken away from Germany :-Alsace-Lorraine (given to France)-Eupen and Malmedy (given to Belgium)-Northern Schleswig (given to Denmark)-Hultschin (given to Czechoslovakia)-West Prussia, Posen and Upper Silesia (given to Poland)

Lasting Impact

The treaty was succesfull and:-Western Germany was demilitarised. -Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria.

The Treaty seemed to satisfy the "Big Three" because in their eyes it was a just peace as it kept Germany weak yet strong enough to stop the spread of communism; kept the French border with Germany safe from another German attack and created the organisation, the League of Nations, that would end warfare all over the world.


Allied Casualties

Consequences of Versailles

Non-allied Casualties

Germany : 2,000,000 soldiers killedAustria-Hungary : 1,200,000 soldiers killedTurkey : 325,000 soldiers killedBulgaria : 100,000 soldiers killed



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