Treaty of Versailles and Weimar Constitution

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World War II

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Treaty of Versailles and Weimar Constitution

The Constitution of the German Reich and governed Germany during the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Constitution was set into place just after WWI. Article 48 of the constitution played a large role in Hitler's coming-to-power. The article allowed for civilian rights to be temporarily suspended and granted additional powers to the police force.

Treaty of Versailles

1918 - German Revolution ends1919 - Wiemer Republic forms1919 - Treaty of Versailles signed1933 - Reichstag Building burned

The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty made after World War I. It was signed in Paris, and many countries were apart of it. This treaty basically put the blame on Germany, leaving them with many reparations. This left Germany in severe poverty which Hitler used to his advantage.


Germany was penalized due to its involvement in WWI. It was no longer permitted to have an armed military force and had to pay heavy taxes.



Treaty of VersaillesandWeimar Constitution

Weimar Constitution


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