Treasure Island

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Treasure Island

Treasure Island begins at the quaint inn, the Admiral Benbow. A strange seaman named Billy Bones comes in, who takes logging there. A man comes to talk to him, but it isn't known what they discuss. Later another man, Pew, comes in and gives him the Black Spot, which most likely means he will die. He then dies from a heart attack. Pirates then come and raid the inn looking for his sea chest, but they don't end up getting what they want from it. Jim has what they want, a treasure map. He told Dr. Livesey and squire about it, and they decide to go and search for it. As the men, Jim, and a new crew start the voyage, the new captain isn't very happy with not being able to pick the crew, and how they put the arms near them. It is soon later learned through Jim that the sea cook, Long John Silver, who had treated him like a dad, was planning a mutiny with eighteen of the men. Not only did this concern Jim because he was planning a mutiny, but that there were only seven honest men, including him. Once they get to the island and the pirates are permitted to go off the boat, Jim goes and runs onto the island. He sees Long John Silver kill two men. After running for a bit, he meets a man, Ben Gunn, who was marooned on the island three years before Jim came. He then sees the Jolly Roger flying on the ship and decides to go to the stockade. He learns that the supplies had been moved to the stockade. Long John Silver comes to the stockade to tell them he wants a truce, but in the end Captain Smollett says no. This culminates in a fight, leaving it with five honest men and eight pirates. Jim decides to go and remove the Hispaniola from the pirates. He goes on a coracle and sails out to the boat, and cuts it loose to drift in whatever direction it pleases. He then falls asleep in the coracle and drifts to the other side of the island, so he has to paddle back. Once he does, he boards the Hispaniola and gains possession of it. The pirate on there helps him beach, but then Jim has to kill him. When he returns to the stockade, the pirates have control of it. They hold him hostage as they search for treasure. They soon discover the treasure is missing. It ends up Ben Gunn had taken the treasure to his cave, and that's where ll the honest men are. Squire, Ben, Doctor, Jim, Gray, and Silver all sail back, but Long John Silver runs off at the first port they stop at. The other five made it back home to Bristol.

Book Plot

+Jim Hawkins is one of the main character in Treasure Island. He's a trusting young boy, who one day, is whisked away to hunt for treasure. Throughout the book he matures, becoming wiser and more courageous but also cocky. +Doctor (aka David) Livesey is a very intelligent man, who helped reveal what was actually happening while the battle prevailed between the pirates and the honest men. +Long John Silver is a famous pirate and extremely manipulative man. He disguised as a sea cook and was going to have a successful mutiny if it wasn't for Jim. +Ben Gunn was marooned on Treasure Island by Flint's crew three years before the Hispaniola came. He had been going around the island and helping the honest men, though they didn't know until the end of their trip.

Main Characters

Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, England. He had a 'fairly privileged childhood' (Stevenson) and at seventeen went into engineering at Edinburgh University. He soon realized he wasn't suited for engineering and instead planned to be a lawyer, but that dream never came true. He had also always wanted to be a writer, so he ended up choosing that career path. He would travel to France to be with other writers. He also met his future wife in France. Treasure Island was written in 1883. One rainy day, Stevenson and his stepson designed a map of an island that they called Treasure Island. He then wrote a story based off of the map. It was originally called The Sea Cook. Robert Louis Stevenson died in 1894 in Samoa.

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Robert Louis Stevenson

Book Report


Though the beginning of Treasure Island takes place at the Admiral Benbow, and some of it on the sea, most of the book takes place on the one and only Treasure Island. Treasure Island’s," hilltops [were] standing around at a distance... two little rivers, or, rather, two swamps, emptied into this pond... from the ship, we could see nothing of the house or stockade, for they were quite buried among trees" (89 Stevenson). There is also the smell of fever, and sorrow hung in the air from all the death. It changes where you are on the island, from rocky to smooth, and even some areas are free of fever.

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