Treasure Island

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Treasure Island

Main Characters:Jim HawkinsLong John SilverDr. LiveseyCaptain Smollet

Theme: This is a story of the quest to find buried treasure with dangerous seas, risky pirates, and a couragous boy.

Setting:In the Inn, On the ship, and on the Island. Mysteryous, dangerous, exciting, and thrilling.

Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins had an ordinary, pretty boring life at the inn with his mother and father until Captain Flint came. He started the whole adventure. Unfortunantely, a while later his father and the Captain died. After the captian died pirates came looking for the treasure that the Captain had hidden, but Jim had taken the map to find the treasure.

"Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of RumDrink and the Devil had Done for the Rest Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of Rum

Jim and a crew went searching for the treasure, but they didn't know that pirates that knew Captain Flint (The Captain) were on the ship too. Some of those pirates started turning the crew against the good people on the ship. They were all planing to kill Captain Smollet, the Doctor Livesey, Jim, and the rest of the crew. Jim found this out and told everyone. They got to the Island and Jim saw Long John Silver kill a honest, inocent man and he knew the fight had begun.

Glog by: Piper Jones


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