[2015] EmmaRobbins SavannaWesternKateHudak: Treasure Island

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[2015] EmmaRobbins SavannaWesternKateHudak: Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Treasure Island was the first adventure book written for children, and published in book form in 1883

CharactersJim Hawkins (MC)Long John Silver (C)Billy Bones (SM)Black Dog (E)Squire Trelawney (NM)

MC- Main CharacterC- CaptainSM- SeaManE- EnemyNM- NobleMan

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The book is also refernced as The Sea Cook

It is considered a boy's coming of age story

The boat in the book is calledHispanola

Robert Louis Stevenson...-Died in 1883-Wrote many other books, including Dr. Jekyll an Mr. Hyde- Was born at 8 Howard Place, Edinburgh- He died of brain problems

By Emma Robbins, Savanna Western, and Kate Hudak


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