[2014] Suhaila N (Poe Aloha): Treasure Island

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[2014] Suhaila N (Poe Aloha): Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver

Treasure Island

The main character is named Jim Hawkins

Jim Hawkins' father is taken by illness soon after the book starts. The Hawkins run an inn called the "Admiral Benbow", and a pirate, whom everyone is required to call Captain starts to stays there. Captain pays Jim to keep his 'weather-eye open for a seafaring man with with one leg'.

We later find out the man with one leg is Long John Silver, a pirate who was once a shipmate of Captain's. Silver was and-still is trying to get at Flint's treasure, hence the name of the book.

Captain is actually the notorious pirate captain, Flint! Squire Trelawney unwittingly hires Silver and the remnants of Captain Flint's crew. The latter are filled with murderous gold-lust and soon Jim, Doctor Livesey, Captain Smollett and Squire Trelwaney are fighting for they're lives.

To the left is a picture of the map to Treasure Island. To the right is a depicting of Ben Gunn, a man marooned by Flint when he origanally buried the riches, who had found the treasure, but splits it with the honest men for safe passage back to the continents.

The Hispaniola is the ship they sailed to the island on.

'I beheld great heaps of coin and quadrilaterals built of bars of gold. That was Flint's treasure that we had come so far to seek, and that had cost already the lives of seventeen men from the Hispaniola. How many it had cost in the amassing, what blood and sorrow, what good ships scuttled on the deep, what brave men walking the plank blindfold, what shot of cannon, what shame and lies and cruelty, perhaps no man alive could tell.' - Jim Hawkins, Treasure Island



This takes place near and in England around the 1800s.


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