Treasure Hunting

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Treasure Hunting

Blackbeard was fearless and scary. He would weave matches through his beard and light them to scare his victims and steal their treasure. He stole and sank over 45 ships for their treasure. He would put matches in his hat, so that smoke billowed out around his head making him look meaner. Before he died, he commanded 4 ships at the same time. He died in 1718. The British hung his head from the sail of his captured ship. Blackbeard was the fiercest pirate ever.

Blackbeard's Top Five1. Blackbeard's real name was Edward Teach.2. Blackbeard's ship had been found.3. Blackbeard went down fighting.4. Blackbeard learned from other pirates.5. Blackbeard didn't leave behind any buried treasure.

Aargh! Shiver me Timbers!

DunkingWhen you broke the pirate code, the captain would dunk his shipmates. Dunking means being pushed or shoved into the water over and over again.

Treasure Hunting

Mel, Jordann, Greyson, Steven, Olivia, Margeret,Drew

1. Metal Detector2. Shovel3. Scuba diving equipment4. Dredge - underwater vacuum cleaner5. Ship

Tools of Treasure Hunting

Blackbeard the Pirate


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