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Do you want to travel?

After studying abroad in Florence for a semester, I decided that one thing I wanted to add to my bucket list was to travel more. My goal is to go to all 50 states before I die as well as continue to visit other countries abroad as well.

Where I've Been:-Italy -Croatia-Germany-France-Czech Republic-The Netherlands-Ireland-Spain

Videos for inspiration

Also check out Kien Lam's Youtube videos:-Time Is Nothing (Around the World in 343 Days)-Time and Again (15 Countries in 4 Minutes)

Best Places to Travel in the US:(According to U.S. News & Travel)1. Maui2. Yellowstone3. Washington, D.C.4. San Francisco5. New York City6. San Diego7. Yosemite8. Honolulu9. Orlando10. U.S. Virgin Islands11. Anchorage 12. Cape Cod13. Chicago14. Jackson Hole15. Grand Canyon16. Charleston17. Las Vegas18. New Orleans19. Seattle20. Aspen

Best Places To Travel in the World:(Compiled from US News & Travel, TripAdvisor, and NY Times)1. Paris, France2. London, UK3. Barcelona, Spain4. New York City, US5. Sydney Australia6. Cape Town, South Africa7. Prague, Czech Republic8. Budapest, Hungary9. Yellowstone, Wyomming, US10. Hong Kong, China11. Morocco12. Turkey (Istanbul & Goreme)13. Hanoi, Vietnam14. Dubai, United Arab Emirates15. Switzerland (Zermatt & Zurich)

Trying to save money?According to these are the best budget friendly places!1. Northern Italy2. Bali3. Nashville, TN4. Great Barrier Reef5. Istanbul6.Barcelona7. Cambodia8. Denver, Colorado9. Colombia10. Egypt

Travel Tips from Matthew Karsten:1. Patience is important 9. Take lots of pictures 18. Slow down2. Wake up early 10. There's always a way 19. Keep good notes3. Laugh at yourself 11. Smile & say hello 20. Go out of your4. Stash extra cash 12. Splurge a bit comfort zone5. Meet local people 13. Keep an open mind 21. Don't plan too much6. Pack a scarf 14. Don't be afraid 22. Take care of your body 7. Observe daily life 15. Get lost on purpose 23. Pack less8. Back everything up 16. Eat local foods 24. Stay in touch9. Pack earplugs 17. Say yes often 25. Travel more


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