Travel to Egypt! nina

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Travel to Egypt! nina

Travel To Egypt

Map of Egypt

The mask of a MUMMY

Good LuckThe egyptians had many good luck charms. One of these good luck charms is called The Eye Of Horus.

Famouse Pharohs Like in England the egyptians had kings called pharohs.One of the most famouse pharohs is King Tut,he became the king of egypt at the age of TEN !

HomesLike the indans the Egyptians used mud to buid there houses.

MummysIn ancient Egypy when a rich or important person dies heBut no only where mummys people but cats,birds,and even aligators became mummys too!

You may belive in god but the egyptians belived in Gods.The most powerful god is Ra he was the KING of the gods and the oldest .

Fun Facts They invented marshmallowsOver 500,000 people live in Cairo EgyptThe largest city population in Africa is Cairo Egypt



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