Travel: Russia and Turkey

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Travel: Russia and Turkey

Flight details:Departure: Pittsburgh International Airport 3:00 A.M. ESTArrival - Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg, Russia6:00 A.M. MSKGate 58, Flight 24, Seat 88

Flight details:Departure - Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg, Russia 9:00 A.M. MSKArrival 11:41 AM Istanbul Ataturk airportGate 4, Flight 21, Seat 154

Second Destination: Turkey

*The Summer Garden and Summer Palace of Peter the Great (below left)*The Menshikov Palace: home of Alexander Menshikov, companion of Peter the Great (above left)*St Isaac's Cathedral and museum tour (above right)

Itinerary:St. Petersburg

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First Destination: Russia

*Topkapi Palace: including museum tour (right)*Religious Tour of Anatolia: including The House of the Virgin Mary (pictured below left)*Cruise of the Historial Peninsula (below right)

Itinerary:Istanbul, Anatolia

Return Details:Departure: Istanbul Ataturk airport9:00 A.M.Gate 4, Flight 21, Seat 154Arrival: Pittsburgh International Airport1:00 p.m EST


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