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Travel Guide - St. Lucia


Castries is the capitol of St. Lucia

Interesting facts 1. Mount Gimie is the highest point in St. Lucia2. Second largest in Windwards Island

Anse Chastanet Marine National Park

Pressing Problems of St. Lucia include Deforestation, Soil erosion Particulary in the northern region, soil degration, Acid rain, desertification, Freshwater, Water-born diseases, over grazing, poaching, biomass, Green house gas, potable water.

On May 1st the "Caribbean News Now!" stated that their has been a recent spike in Chikungunya, a mosquito borne illness, cases. Dr James Hospedales said "that the chikungunya virus has reached epidemic proportions." The first reportd case of Chikungunya in St. Lucia was in April of 2014. Since then the number of cases have only been drastically rising.

Safe? Yes

ClimateTropical, humid climate with north east trade winds year round.

"Must See" places1) Anse Chastanet Marine National Park2) Marigot Bay 3) The Pitans

Fast Facts 1. Population- 182,2732. Languages- English and French3. Life Expectancy- 74 years/ IMR:11/10004. Literacy Rate- 90%5. Religion- Christian, Catholic, Protistant


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