Travel Guide: Ontario

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Travel Guide: Ontario

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Fast Facts - ... 2nd largest province in Canada. - ... AOntario comes from the Iroquois word "kandario" which means sparkling. Ontario is in the Southeast corner of canada with 13.6 million people and the major ethnic group is English

TRAVEL GUIDE:OntarioBy: Tim, Garrett, and Tsega

Niagara Falls


This is Beaver tail

The people of Ontario share many cultures and traditions from around the world. Newcomers bring new customs from their homelands, and often keep these customs alive in their own communities. They also enjoy becoming a part of Ontario, and learning about what it means to be a Canadian.

Map ofOntario

CN tower

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the 4th largest city in North America.

The main industries are forestry, mining, and manufacturing.Major urban centers are Toronto and Ottawa.The terrain is various and a unique geographical feature is the Ishpatina ridge.

Local ontario food includes pasta, beavertails, corn on the cob, german-style sausage, shawarma, wild blueberries and more!


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