Travel Guide - Midi-Pyrenees

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Travel Guide - Midi-Pyrenees

Midi-Pyrénées is most famous for their fantastic blue cheese dubbed Roquefort. What makes Roquefort so special, is that it can only be called so if it is set in a cave by the same name, that you can visit and taste the cheese at.

Fast Facts - The capital city of Midi-Pyrénées is Toulouse. It is known for being down to earth, and very festive. It has over 3 million people. - Midi-Pyrénées is the largest portion of France, and is located within the direct Sout from Paris.

The location of Midi-Pyrénées!

This is the region's flag!

One of the most popular dishes to sprout from Midi-Pyrénées is the glamourous Croustade aux Pommes, a beautifully-made apple dessert that has gained immense popularity by the exquisite taste it delivers.

If you prefer man-made landmarks, you can always visit the Belcastel, a 15th-century town created around a castle that has still been preserved in Aveyron to this day, for your viewing pleasure.


This is one of the many beauitful sights you can visit in Midi-Pyrénées!

A very famous French personality from Midi-Pyrénées would be Jean-Pascal Beintus, a grand composer born in 1966. He went on to famously be apart of the music department for “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2”. He can stun his audience with his musical talents, thusly making Jean-Pascal Beintus a powerful part of music and entertainment in general.

A beautiful landmark delivered from nature is the Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vieux, in Aveyron, which consists of marvellous rock formations, and a magnificent arc that towers over the strongest of men.

This is what the famous cheese Roquefort looks like!

Gérard Barray is another popular man birthed from Midi-Pyrénées. He is renowned for being a very skilled French actor who starred in many French movies, such as the 1961’s “The Three Musketeers”, and more recent 1997’s “Open Your Eyes”. Both movies are phenomenal pieces of work, and can be viewed at Midi-Pyrénées, his very own hometown.


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