Travel Guide: Brazil

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Travel Guide: Brazil

"Must See" places* Igazu Falls*Christ the Redeemer* The city Rio de Janeiro*Sugarloaf Mountain

Fast Facts - Did you know that Brazil is the largest country is Latin America? - Brazil prisoners can reduce their sentenceup to 4 days for each book they read


Brazil Flag

Brazil's SoccerStadium

This is what the local food looks like.

In brazil a dish that they love is called Moqueca (pictured on the right). Brazil loves all kinds of foods. They like anything from fish to beans to vegetables. Men in brazil love flip flops and dress shoes but the women love to wear jeans. Brazilians love celebrations such as Capoeira. Traditons are usually local holidays and most Brazilians love soccer.

Map of Brazil!

Brazils city:Rio de Janeiro

Orgin of the capital of Brazil:Brasília is almost in the center of brazil and it is not very close to the sea.

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world!


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