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Travel Guide - Bolivia

Fast Facts 1. 10.67 Million people Religion: Roman Catholic2. Spanish and 39 other languages3.67 years. IMR: 35/1000 live births.4. 91.2%



Region of Bolivia


Interesting facts -Bolivia has the worlds largest butterfly sanctuary.Guinea pig is a delicacy in Bolivia.


"Must See" places1. Medidi National Park: 7000 square miles, and has a lot of species. 2. Uyuni Salt Flats, 1 million tourists come every year to see these. 3. Tiwanaku: World Heritage Site

Pressing Problems - Some pressing problems in Bolivia are soil erosion and deforestation, however trafficking and corruption have been two of the most prominent negative side effects in Bolivia.

BOLIVIA MAKES CHILD LABOR LEGAL AT AGE 10July 14th, 2014.Because child labor is a pressing problem and it exists in Bolivia, it is very hard to stop it. Under the legislation, with new laws set in place, the legislation will make it safe. Kids also need the permission of parents. While working, kids must attend school.

Yes, it is safe to travel to Bolivia

ClimateTropical Lowlands:A rainy season and a dry one.Throughout Bolivia, temperature varies on elevation.


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