Travel And Accommodation

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Travel And Accommodation

Cezary Grzechnik

Travel and accommodation

It is a ferry. The kind of ship which is used to carry passengers. The journey by ferry is called crossing.

It is a plane. Nowadays the fastest kind of transport between continents.

Here you can check the pronunciation of words from this lesson.

It is a guest house. If somebody can not afford to stay in the hotel, he can choose the cheaper type of accommodation.

We have got many types of travelling and living, in this lesson we are going to discuss some of them.In this video below you can find the resons why you can start getting around.Please focus on a new vocabulary.


It is a train. Train travel allows you to relax as you travel and look at the countryside though the windows of your carriage.

It is an inn. The best choice for travelers who find the cheap eating and a possibility to stay on the night in the same place.

There is an hotel. The most expensive type of these three places. But the conditions of living there are usually worth its price.

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