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Language Arts

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Glog by:William Chong

About the Story(Continued) Jose Angelico:A poor man beat to death by the police had left the bag as his final message, a message that led the 3 boys on a trip accross the city, into a jail to speak with Jose's father, back to their trash yard to steal from their missionary to bribe a guard for an old bible. into the backyard of their senator who is supposodly stealing from his people.and where Jose supposodly stole 6 million dollars in an old fridge. Eventually it leads them to a grave yard where a man who knew Jose. As they go deeper they find his supposedly dead daughter and the fortune he stole from the senator.

About the Story(Continued)As the story nears an end the boys find Jose's daughter that was declared dead months ago. Inside her coffin was the 6 million dollars he stole, the boys could've kept it all for themselves but they decided to "make it rain" at their old home by throwing plenty of the money into the air, returning the money they stole from the school and finally moving to a isalnd to continue their lives as fishermen.

About the Story One day a trash digger named Raphael finds something of worth. A bag, not a dirty one but a clean new bag. At first it was something to celebrate due to the large quantities of money found inside. Soon it is a reason for fear as the police arrive, Gardo, Raphael's best friend begins to fear for their safety. So they bring in Rat, a poor skinny boy who had no family. He could keep the bag safe and no one would search him. Soon They realize the truth about the bag, as the story grows deeper so does the risk, with multiple encounters with cops they finally find out who owned the bag.


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