Transportation in the Coastal Plains

by whitneycalloway
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Transportation in the Coastal Plains

Transportation in the coastal plains regions

The Outer Banks are part of the coastal plains region. They are on the east coast of North Carolina. The barrier islands are almost completely surrounded by water.

As shown in the picture above (which was taken in 2007), there is only one road that connects the barrier islands of North Carolina to the rest of the state. In case of a flood or hurricane, the road could flood. People living in the coastal plains region cannot always depend on cars for transportation.

A ferry is a common way of transportation around the Outer Banks and in other parts of the coastal plains region. A ferry is a boat that can carry people. Larger ferries can also carry cars.On the left is a small ferry desgined to carry people only a few miles. On the right is a much larger ferry that can carry cars and large pieces of furniture across waters as big as the ocean!


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