Transport in Living Things

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Transport in Living Things

Transport in Flowering Plants

Transport in Living Thing

Osmosis and diffusion plays an important role in transportation materials in and out of the cell.If there is too much water in cells, it will become firm and turgid and when they lost water, they shrink.Osmosis and diffusion is too slow to transport materials,thus,they have transport system to help them transport materials

Plants have transport system to help them transport materials quickly.Root hairs near the tip of the root increase the surface area for absorption of water by osmosis.Xylem transport water and mineral salt to the rest of the plant.Phloem transport food made by the leaves during photosynthesisWater and minerals are drawn up the xylem vessels.Transpiration is water leaving through the stomata and evaporates.Dissolved food moves through the pores at the end of phloem cell

Transport System in Humans

Humans have blood vessels to help transport materials



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