Transition Metals

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Chemical Elements

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Transition Metals

ElementsScandium TitaniumVanadium ChromiumManganese IronCobalt NickelCopper ZincYttrium ZirconiumNiobium MolybdenumTechnetium RutheniumRhodium PalladiumSilver CadmiumHafnium TantalumTungsten RheniumOsmium IridiumPlatinum GoldMercury RutherfordiumDubnium SeaborgiumBohrium HassiumMeitnerium UnunniliumUnununium Ununbium

Transition Metals


They are good conductors.They are malliable.They are less reactive than alkali metals.Transiton metals have high melting points.They tend to be hard.They have high densities.

It is located on the left of the zig zag with the metals because it is a metal.


Transition metals have a vary of valence electrons.

Copper Pottasium Colbat Iron Nickel Chromiumin there sulphate form.

Titanium´s boiling point is 5,949.Zinc´s other name is ¨spelter¨.Tungsten´s name came from the swedden language. It means heavy stone.

Only three elements can create a magnetic feild iron,colbat, gadolinium,and nickel.Mercury the only transition metal that is a liquid in room temperature.Gold is an edible element.

The Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland came from the term mad as a hatter. Mad as a hatter is a phase from when some one got mercury posioning.Iron is the 6th most common element in the world.

The platinum group consisties of all transition metals.Osmium has the lowest vapor pressure out of all the platinum group.Niobium is used in rockets and planes because it is so strong.


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