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transcontinental railroad

The owners of the Transcontinental Railroad

Transcontinetal Railroad

Building the Railroad

Before there could be owners there had to be founders. Asa Whitney was the first one to offer Congress a resolution in supporting the fund of the railroad. Then came along an engineer that solved the great riddle of the Pacidic Railroad.This mans name was Theodore Judah, he was the one who then went along and met with Collis P. Huntigton too see if could invest in the company.In addition, to Huntingtion the other 3 were Charels Crocker, Lenland Stanford,and Mark Hopkins.They became the owners of the Central Pacific Railroad, but later on Judah had to go and find new investors.The ownership of the Union Pacific started out with a man named Thomas C. Durant he found his way in illegally and was the vice president and general manager.After Durant Herbert M. Hoxie signs over Durants company the Credit Mobilier.Then the Amos Brothers (officers in the Credit mobilier) remove Durant form presidency.

Building the Railroad was hard on both companys.To begin with they had to go through indian attacks wich slowed process down and made it unsafe.The main indian groups were the Sioux,Arapaho, and Cheyenne tribes. The Union pacific started late but continued the process a lot faster than the Central Pacifc,because of the Sierra Mountains.Ramshakle Settlements came wherever the railroad wad to pass this created a long lasting mythology of the wild west. Charles Crocker began to hire Chinese workers to build the railroad they worked so hard that they hired more, other workers were veterans from the civil war and Irish immigrants.The central pacific company had to blast through mountains using wooden trestles on slopes and gunpowder or nitroglycerine to get through the granite.

Effects on the West

The Route Chosen

The final route that was chosen is called the central route.It begins in Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California.Another route was going to be chosen, it was called the Southern Route.This route wnet from Texas to New Mexico and ended up in California. At the end the Cental Route was chosen by congress due to the Civil War. Until the Route was decided no bills were passed, wich was hard because each company wanted it's own route. The Gold that was found in California lured people there, so Congress sent 5 teams in 1853 to survey possible routes in califonia.Finally it was chosen.

The main Effect the Transcontinental Railroad had on the west was its transportation.You traveled in faster time, less money, and a minimum of dangers.Open markets were everywhere the train was and trades were easier to do.The railroad also encouraged growth for business man. It also provided a conduit for ideas. After all it also completed the political Manifest Destany.Where there is good there is also bad here it brought some bad times with the Native Americans with all the new towns that were bieng built.After a while of the transcontinental railroad parts were add, more rails were connected and other rails were taken out.

The uniting at the Summit

At the final day the workers from the Central Pacific company only had 12 hours to lay 10 miles. A golden spike was put at the final rail to be united. The Train No. 119 and Jupitor were face to face almost touching at the final ceremony.The Chinese workers were not in the final picture because they were away to dine and be honored at a Central Pacific Railroad company thing. There was 3 special spikes driven at the end, one was gold, one was silver,and the other one was a mixture of gold, iron and silver. The golden spike was donated to the Stanford Museum in 1898. There is no certain number of people that attended but there sure was alot to see a fallen country come together.

This is a picture taken on the final day when the spike was put in.

This is a video i found that summerized the transcontinental railroad history.

This is a picture of the big four.

This is the final gold spike.


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